Sponsorship Opportunities

Updated Friday April 21, 2017 by McKinney Little League.

Please see the attached sponsorship form.  We have 3 great opportunities to choose from or can customize your sponsorship.  We have 3 fields where company banners can be placed: Nebsitt 4, Nesbitt 6, and Mouzon South.

2017 Spring Season Sponsorship Opportunities:

McKinney Little League would like to request your support as a sponsor of our program. Your tax-deductible sponsorship helps to keep our league fees reasonable as well as pay for capital improvements for our kids. It is also a valuable advertising and marketing opportunity for your company or organization. Our registration fee covers most of the “basics” we need---things such as uniforms, city fees, insurance, umpire fees, trophies, website maintenance, and background checks, but registration doesn’t pay for much beyond this. Simply put, registration won’t pay for many, if any, of the things we need to make playing safer such as updated equipment and well maintained fields. Registration also doesn’t pay for the things we need to make playing “better” like clinics, safety training, first aid and CPR training, and batting cages. We need your sponsorship or donations to pay for these extras. Since we are a non-profit organization, your donation is tax-deductible.


Sponsorship form KPM (1).pdf