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Updated Friday April 21, 2017 by McKinney Little League.

Volunteer Registration Process

Manager, Coach, & Parent Volunteer Registration

If you plan on helping on the field or in the dugout during games or practices you have to register as a volunteer and must be “approved” as a volunteer.  All volunteers must pass a background check and obtain a league ID.  No volunteers are allowed on the field or in the dugout without a visible league issued ID from Buzz Studios.

Your status will change from "pending" to "approved" once your application has been processed and approved.  Once approved, your name will be added to the list of "approved" volunteers for MLLB at Buzz Studios.  All Background Clearance ID Card photos are being taken by Buzz Photography and are distributed to volunteers on the "approved" list only.

All Managers, Coaches, and Parent Volunteers must register.  Here are the general steps:

1) Click the volunteer registration banner on the left hand side of the homepage.  This link will take you directly to the website: 

2) Login or if you do not have an account, click the Create New Account icon.  

3) Click the Coach Registration icon.

4) Review the different divisions.  There is no cost to register as a manager, coach, or volunteer. 

5) The process will take you through several screens.  Read and input information as required.  Some screens require you to check a box.

6) Please make sure to download the Coach/Volunteer Application.  There is an application for NEW volunteers and a separate application for RETURING volunteers.  Please fill out the application that applies to your status only “new” or “returning.” Make sure you have signed your application.  SS# is required on “new” applicants only.  You will be required to upload the completed application after the online registration process.  Additionally, if you are not a returning coach/volunteer, you will be required to upload a picture or scanned copy of your drivers’ license.  For best results, take a picture of your DL with your phone and upload the picture.  Both documents can be uploaded within the "My Profile" section of the website under "My Documents."

7) The league will perform the necessary background check.

Note: A letter, which includes a copy of the completed background screening report & Summary of Rights, will be sent to every volunteer where a criminal record from the public records database is reported to your local Little League.

Sex offender registry data, in a few states, is obtained through a Name-Only-Search and uses no other identifiers such as date of birth and/or social security number. If a criminal record is identified in any of these states that use Name-Only-Searches, that person will receive a report from First Advantage® showing that his/her name was identified on a criminal record. Please note, this may or may not be the person for whom the league is conducting a background check.


returning-volunteer-app 2017.pdf
volunteer-app 2017.pdf